To Know Thyself

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To Know Thyself

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To Know Thyself (2019) is written at a Grade 2.5 - 3 Band Level. The piece itself is quite simple, utilizing mostly long sustained chords under a longing melody. To accommodate lower level bands, the Trumpet 1 part can be omitted, as it is usually doubled in octaves with Trumpet 2. There are also several instances where cues are place throughout the ensemble to assist bands with missing instrumentation.

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To Know Thyself (2019) was written at a particularly low point in my life. As someone who struggles with mental health and well-being, I had found myself looking back over my last few months feeling disappointed and unfulfilled. I wrote the entire structure for this piece in one sitting, while my own self-loathing and longing for peace washed out of me. The melancholy structure to the melody and crunching harmonic structure are true representations of the way I felt at that moment. Though the roots of this piece come from a time of turmoil, it is not just about being sad. There is a relief and joy that comes in seeing yourself in new eyes. If you mixed every feeling ever experienced into a bottle and poured it onto a page, this would be it. This music is about discovering yourself in the mess of life. It is a reminder that even in the most troubling times, we are who we are, and we must learn to love every part of ourselves, even the ones we don’t find charming.

As stated on the cover image, the full score and parts consist of:

4 Flute
2 Oboe
2 Clarinet 1
2 Clarinet 2
2 Clarinet 3
1 Bass Clarinet
2 Alto Saxophone
1 Tenor Saxophone
1 Baritone Saxophone
1 Bassoon
2 Trumpet 1
2 Trumpet 2
4 Horn
3 Trombone
2 B.C. Baritone / Euphonium
2 T.C. Baritone
2 Tuba
1 Timpani
1 Percussion 1 - Bells
1 Percussion 2 - Snare Drum
1 Percussion 3 - Bass Drum
2 Percussion 4 & 5 - Suspended Cymbal & Crash Cymbal